Since July 12 this year, the state border of our country in the direction of Tovuz has been attacked by the separatist and occupant Republic of Armenia. Henceforth, starting from September 27th attacks of aggressor continued with pauses also at different directions with targeting residential areas and civilians, outside of the occupied Azerbaijani territories, by heavy artillery and large-caliber guns.

Nevertheless, the valiant troops of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan continue to appropriately respond to the provocations of the enemy and have full control over the operational situation. Our people are sensitive to what is happening, expressing high confidence in our Armed Forces and proudly greet the heroism of our troops. Our athletes have also voluntarily joined the operations of our Army and are fighting with great determination in the Great Patriotic War for the integrity of our lands. We already have a number of athletes among our martyrs, who gave their lives for the liberation of Karabakh, our ancient and inseparable land.

In recent days, a number of international organizations and states have been calling for the re-freezing of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh and 7 surrounding regions, the territory that makes 20 percent of our country and have been occupied nearly for 30 years. They make statements about the re-freezing of the conflict during which more than 25,000 Azerbaijani citizens killed and over 1 million people became refugees and IDPs. However, the adoption by the UN Security Council of four resolutions in 1993 (822, 853, 874 and 884 on the unconditional withdrawal of the occupant Armenian armed forces from the territory of Karabakh) and the negotiations mediated by the OSCE Minsk Group for almost thirty years did not yield results. We remind them that instead of freezing the conflict, it would be fair to call for the unconditional implementation of the above-mentioned UN resolutions by the occupant Republic of Armenia and returning of more than 1 million refugees and IDPs to their homeland.

We, the below listed organizations on behalf of the sport community of Azerbaijan, declare that we stand by our State until our territories, recognized under the international law, fully restored, the occupant Armenian forces withdrawn from our country, and more than 1 million refugees and IDPs returned to their homeland!

At the same time we invoke you to impartially inform the world community and sports organizations about the situation and we call on you to condemn this aggression of the occupant Republic of Armenia!


 Azerbaijan National Olympic Committee
 Azerbaijan National Paralympic Committee
 Azerbaijan Special Olympics Committee
 Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport 
 Azerbaijan Athletes Public Union
 Azerbaijan Sports Volunteers Public Union
 Azerbaijan Sports Journalists Federation
 Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation
 Azerbaijan Equestrian Federation
 Azerbaijan Shooting Federation
 Azerbaijan Athletics Federation
 Azerbaijan Badminton Federation
 Azerbaijan Basketball Federation
 Azerbaijan Boxing Federation
 Azerbaijan Judo Federation
 Azerbaijan Mountain Skiing Federation
 Azerbaijan Football Federations Association
 Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation
 Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation
 Azerbaijan Air and Extreme Sports Federation
 Azerbaijan Handball Federation
 Azerbaijan Archery Federation
 Azerbaijan School Sports Federation
 Azerbaijan Skating Federation
 Azerbaijan Rowing Federation
 Azerbaijan National Karate Federation
 Azerbaijan Field Hockey Federation
 Azerbaijan Fencing Federation
 Azerbaijan Golf Federation
 Azerbaijan Rugby Federation
 Azerbaijan Table Tennis Federation
 Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation
 Azerbaijan Tennis Federation
 Azerbaijan Triathlon Federation
 Azerbaijan Swimming Federation
 Azerbaijan Cycling Federation
 Azerbaijan Volleyball Federation
 Azerbaijan Sailing Federation
 Azerbaijan “Ready to defend the Motherland” Multidiscipline Federation
 Azerbaijan Ashikhara Kaykan Karate Federation
 Azerbaijan Automobile Federation
 Azerbaijan Aikido Federation
 Azerbaijan Billiard Sport Federation
 Azerbaijan Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
 Azerbaijan Bowling Federation
 Azerbaijan Budo Martial Arts Federation
 Azerbaijan Cheerleading Federation
 Azerbaijan Jiu-Jitsu Federation
 Azerbaijan Corio Kung Fu Federation
 Azerbaijan Mountaineering and Extreme Sports Federations Association
 Azerbaijan Draughts Federation
 Azerbaijan Traditional Karate-Do Federation
 Azerbaijan Chess and Draughts Federation for the Visually Impaired
 Azerbaijan Hapkido Federation
 Azerbaijan Dance Sport Federation
 Azerbaijan Capoeira Federation
 Azerbaijan Deaf Sports Federation
 Azerbaijan Kickboxing Federation
 Azerbaijan Contact Karate Federation
 Azerbaijan Kung Fu Federation
 Azerbaijan Kyokushin Karate Federation
 Azerbaijan Kyokushinkaykan Contact Karate Federation
 Azerbaijan National Sports Association
 Azerbaijan Motorcycle Sports Federation
 Azerbaijan Muay Thai-Thaiboxing Federation
 Azerbaijan Pankration, Grappling and MMA Federation
 Azerbaijan Paintball Federation
 Azerbaijan Powerlifting Federation
 Azerbaijan Galagapi (Go) Federation
 Azerbaijan Goju-Ryu Okinawa Karate-Do Federation
 Azerbaijan Armwrestling Federation
 Azerbaijan Chess Federation
 Azerbaijan Sambo Federation
 Azerbaijan Savate and Shaolin Martial Arts Federation
 Azerbaijan Strongman Federation
 Azerbaijan Orienteering Federation
 Azerbaijan Eastern Martial Arts Association
 Azerbaijan Penchak Silat Federation
 Azerbaijan Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation
 Azerbaijan Skating Federation
 Azerbaijan Shorinciryu Kenkokan Karate-Do Kosiki Karate Federation
 Azerbaijan Shotokan Karate-Do Federation
 Azerbaijan Sumo Federation
 Azerbaijan Turan-Do Federation
 Azerbaijan Universal Martial Arts Federation
 Azerbaijan Wushu Federation
 Azerbaijan National Karate Federation
 Azerbaijan Wing Chun Martial Arts Federation
 Azerbaijan Professional Boxing Federation
 Azerbaijan MMA Federation

                                                                                                   Baku city, Azerbaijan

            6 october 2020