In 1998, Ju-Jitsu Federation of Azerbaijan was established by a number of specialists under the leadership of the honored trainer Mir-Ali Seyidov. Since April 20, 2002 the National Federation has been admitted to the membership of the JJIF (Jui-Jitsu International Federation).

The National Federation of Jiu-Jitsu of the Republic of Azerbaijan in its activities follows to the principles of the Olympic and sports movement and builds its work on the basis of close mutual cooperation with state, public, physical, sports organizations and associations, and can also be a member of these organizations and associations, provided that it does not contradict the current legislation and the Charter of the Federation.

To fulfill its tasks, the Federation has the right to be a founder of other enterprises, organizations and associations. The federal law is a legal entity registered in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The headquarters of the Federation is located at the address: Baku, Aga-Neymatulla Street, 55/31. The basic and supporting center for training athletes and law enforcement officers is the sports society of the Ministry of the Interior. Training of future instructors and trainers is held at the Academy of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Federation Coaching Council consists of highly qualified trainers and methodologists trained at international seminars organized by the Federation together with the State Committee on Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan under the guidance of Honored Trainer Mir-Ali Seyidov (6 Dan Karate-Do, 8 Dan Jiu-Jitsu) .

Jiu-Jitsu in Azerbaijan

The Central School of Jiu-Jitsu in Azerbaijan is based on the Sports Society of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The classes are held in groups divided by age and level of preparedness. National teams of our Federation also train here. For the training of security personnel, the Taiho-Jitsu system (one of the modern Jiu-Jitsu areas) is the basis for self-defense and special training for the employees of the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of National Security and the Defense Ministry BOJ, convenient for study and application of disarming techniques, search, capture and escort and adopted in systems of training of police and intelligence agencies around the world.

Our Federation includes branches and clubs of various types. The central school uses the entire arsenal of shock-throwing, painful and suffocating techniques, which are  based on the Ju-Jitsu. The main classes at the Central School are led by the Federation President Mir-Ali Seyidov.